Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life lately has been about major earthshaking (at least Donna shaking) events, beginning with Bryon's deployment and return, Adrienne's year long courtship, recent wedding and of course my next blog.

The title of my blog is trusting. Do we really trust God, or is it just when things are going the way we want them to go? I'm learning to trust when I feel nothing is in my control and when things feel completely out of control. Not that I ever really had control, I just thought I did.

Some of my other thoughts have been not only do we trust Him in our circumstances of life, but how much do we trust Him with our lives? How much do we allow Him to make our decisions? Usually when He makes decisions for us, it's not what we would have chosen and definetely not within our comfort zone. Maybe my goal of 2.5 kids (yeah right), $xxxxx saved up, and a white picket fence is not His plan for us. And how deep am I willing to go? How much will I trust?

Just a few thoughts from one clinging to the Rock...